X -BAND ActiveJammer XT-120SP


Outline Dimention : Width 85mm Height 38mm Deapth 145mm
Speed setting range : 1〜299km/h
Supply Voltage : 9〜30V
Antenna : 12.6dB HornAntenna
Beam Width : V ( -3dB ) 40 Degree , H (-3dB ) 30 Degree
Dielectric Oscillator
100mW US$330.
300mW US$488.

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*     Dielectric resonator oscillator used. HIGH-STABILITY.
*     DC Jack……Please use an attached cigar plug. The power supply voltage supports 30V from 9V.
*     Power LED……Turn on in power switch ON.
*     Power switch……Switch ON, Knock down a lever in the power LED side.
*     Speed setting……The setting range is 001-299km/h. 
Set the speed displayed by a Doppler-type speedmeter with three columns.
You can control the speed value indicated by the X-Band Doppler radar gun, as you like!
3 digit of the speed value configured by transmitter is displayed on the 
X-Band Doppler radar gun.
For example, if it display "123", the speed is "123km/h".  If it display "024", the speed is "24 km/h".
If You adapt to 000, became test mode.

*     A term of a guarantee is one year from the purchase.
*     We adjust it to 10.525GHz at the time of shipment,  But there are some frequency gaps as a secular variation.
*     There is an error from 5 to 8% for speed setting.